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Hurricane Harvey swept into Texas leaving catastrophic flooding and destruction behind. Harvey will have a lasting impact on the Gulf Coast of Texas for quite some time, and members of NVOAD will be assisting with the recovery efforts for years to come.

As thousands of volunteers and organizations begin to provide relief and recovery, we urge those wishing to help to remember to cash is best. Monetary donations are efficient, flexible, and require no transport or storage. Trusted agencies ensure the money goes directly to those in need.  


Here are some more tips to help with the recovery efforts: 

  • Do not self-deploy. Please notify your volunteers and partner agencies that self-deployment at this time is being discouraged as Texas officials continue to assess the outcomes of this catastrophic event.

    • Volunteers should link up with affiliates or organizations training individuals in order to assist Texas in a cohesive and organized fashion and to avoid a hindrance on response and recovery efforts.

    • To volunteer, please register here: Hurricane Harvey Response

  • Do not send or bring unsolicited donations. Texas is still in the response phase and is unable to accommodate any material goods at this time. Unsolicited donations create a challenge of storage and sorting when focus is needed on response and recovery. Monetary donations continue to be the preferred manner of contributing to Hurricane Harvey relief. If you'd like to donate directly to a NVOAD member agency, you can find that list here: Member Agencies. 

Thank-you all for what you continue to do in collaboration with responders and survivors in Texas.